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Get the lashes you lust for with our most precise eyelash curler yet. With custom curl control, our Precision Eyelash Curler is the fast track to eyelashes customized for your eyes, created by you.
  • Our innovative eyelash curler is smaller than your average, designed to target smaller sections at a time for curling eyelashes with the utmost precision
  • All lashes deserve a curl. Our precise eyelash curler has a small diameter and narrow front plates to grasp eyelashes right at the lash line, letting you curl even the shortest of eyelashes
  • You know those pesky eyelashes in your inner and outer corners that always escape your ordinary eyelash curler? This ultra-precise eyelash curler is designed to curl those sections with ease
  • From doll eye to fanned-out eyelashes, now you can create any eyelash style that complements your eye shape with this curler’s custom curl control
  • First thing’s first, make sure you curl your eyelashes before applying any mascara. Think of it like hairspray for your lashes, swiping on a coat of mascara after will lock in and hold your freshly curled eyelashes
  • Pro tip: curl your lashes towards the beginning of your beauty routine (yes, even before foundation) so that you can open up your eyes and assess your makeup moves from there
  • To curl each section of your eyelashes, position the eyelash curler’s pads near the base of your upper lashes, avoiding your actual eyelid
  • Gently (but firmly!) squeeze the handles of the eyelash curler together for 5 seconds and release
  • With this curler’s custom curl control, you can create a customized eyelashes for any makeup look. If you’re going for fanned out eyelashes, concentrate your curling on your outer eyelashes. If you want more natural eyelashes, curl your eyelashes evenly from inner to outer corner
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