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This mist is a real glow-getter—it primes skin for makeup, gives 24-hour hydration, and instantly refreshes your look.
  • Prep: The moisturizing mist helps foundation glide on seamlessly
  • Hydrate: The magic happens when the two phases are shaken together in the bottle. Naturally derived and sustainable palm and coconut oils blend with our Superfruit Complex (apple, watermelon, and lentil extract) to lock in hydration
  • Refresh: Mist after makeup for a dewy glow and instantly bring blah skin back to life anytime
  • Shake it! Shake the bottle to mix the bi-phase formula
  • Hold 8"–10" away and spray 2-3 times in circular motions all over your face. The ultra-fine micro-mist evenly diffuses the mix across your face
  • To Prep: Use as a primer spray before makeup and give it a couple of minutes to fully absorb
  • To Refresh: Mist all over for an instant skin pick-me-up anytime you need it, with or without makeup.